The good and the amazing thing which makes me to remain in the pokies world is that it provides the name of the event which are based on the name of the famous movies, tv series and many more funny and adventures things. I am in habit of making the search of the event which is based on the name of the movies which I like the most.

After making the search the suggestions confuse me in making the right choice of the event and to get rid of that obstacle I go for the review and free play to get the best selection of the event. I did the same and found Robin Hood: Feathers of Fortune which was based on my favorite movie and without waiting any moment I went for the download of this app in my android mobile and went for the fun.

If you really want to get the full fun you should go for the read of the rules and regulations to make the better concept of the play. The only thing which you will have to do in making the win is to make the use of the skills. As in the movie it is shown in the movie that Robin Hood use to loot the rich and then distribute among the poorer and in the same way this animated character will help you in making the win and he will give you many prizes.

This one is featured with five reels and it gives you the option of making the win in 243 different ways. The symbols which are depicted over the screen are said to be the wild and scatter one and the only thing which will greet you is that make the use of the symbols in making the perfect arrangement and then hit them in the active slots. Go and get the gifts from Robin Hood.

Voodoo Vibes

Voodoo’s dark and mysterious world has always intrigued those interested in the occult. Net Entertainment’s video slot Voodoo Vibes captures all the essence of Voodoo but in a more cartoonish way. Voodoo Vibes has a five-reel, 25-line game with Wild and Scatter symbols. There is also an entertaining bonus game. This game is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. Gamers of all ages will enjoy it.

Voodoo Vibes’ unique bonus game is fun but a bit dark. You stab tiny voodoo dolls using a large pin to win huge prizes.


The background of the playing screen features a scene with thatched grass huts and skulls above the doors, dark purple skies, and yellow eyes in a dark forest background. The game screen’s two sides are flanked by animating tiki torch lights that glow at night. A dark, ominous soundtrack plays as background music. Caribbean-flavored xylophone sounds ring out when you score a winning combination.

All symbols of the game reflect voodoo practices and culture. Lower-value characters have filigree-styled red, green, gold, and purple images. The higher-value photos start with a half-filled potion bottle with red liquid and a concerned-looking chicken. The second highest symbol is a voodoo priestess in a turban holding a pin. The final highest symbol, a white skull with an open flame burning on its top, is the last highest.


The Wild symbol depicts a skull-faced voodoo priest wearing a top hat. He then lets out an evil laugh when activated. He can replace any symbol except the Scatter and voodoo doll bonus symbols. The Scatter is a green serpent that looks evil. This symbol offers attractive Free Spin options. To earn ten free spins, land three or more reels anywhere to triple your winnings. This model also provides a chance to win a scatter prize, with ten additional free re-spins.


Fun bonus games can be separated, and the Voodoo Vibes Bonus symbol is often displayed as you play. If you reveal three or more characters on one screen, you can use your silver pin to poke at dolls with your voodoo priestess skills. Every winning cutie opens, and a number is projected to show how much you won. These dolls make funny sounds and change their expressions. The award amounts you might have won will be revealed if all of the dolls you didn’t poke popped open. When you drive a beauty without a prize, the game is over. To return to spinning the reels, click on the green arrow.

There are limits

Voodoo Vibes offers four betting levels. You can place anywhere from one to 25 bet lines on each spin. The minimum stake per spin is 1 penny, and the maximum is 50.00.


Net Entertainment slots are well-known for their simplicity of play, and Voodoo Vibes is no different. The lower control panel displays your bet level and bet lines. Below that is a window that shows your current cash level, current bet, and current win. Advanced autoplay settings let you spin for as many as 10 to 1000 times, and you can set it to stop once the game reaches a specific monetary value or loss. You can also control whether it quits after the bonus game or free spins are awarded.


You can experience the mysterious culture of all things Voodoo with your desktop or laptop computer using Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems.


Net Entertainment is a respected and revered name in the digital gaming industry for its ability to distribute the most exciting video casino games. NetENT is a leading provider of gaming systems. It was built on a foundation of innovation and excellence. Net Entertainment, which has been in business for over 20 years, now employs over 500 people in Sweden, Ukraine, and Malta. Although it is based in Europe, its products are available worldwide.