The college game was much more popular years ago than the professional. The college game attracted more media attention and friends than the NFL. Although times have changed, college football is still very popular. This is true for college football bettors.

You should be aware of minor differences in betting styles if you plan to place a bet on college football games. First, you must remember the home field advantage. Home field is a key element in the National Football League. Every team performs better at home than they do on the road. This is also true for college football, where home field is even more important.

There are not many teams that lose at home during college football season. The Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants lose some home games every year. The college games have a greater impact on the home crowds than the NFL.

This crowd intimidates the opposing team more in college games than in the NFL. This can partly be attributed to the maturity and age of the players. As young as 18-year-old college players, this group will be more affected by screaming, cursing and yelling fans than a 30-year-old NFL player.

Overtime is another major difference between college and professional games. Although it doesn’t affect betting, it is important to remember. Both teams receive the ball from the 25-yard line of the opposing team in the college game. Then, both teams continue playing until one team wins and the other is stopped. The NFL game is decided by who scores first.

Lucky Pug Slot Review

The curly, cuddly, and soft-spoken Pugs are beloved all over the globe. But did you know that it was the Chinese who developed the breed? This and the fact that the Lucky Pug slot review focuses on the Chinese zodiac’s eleven-year cycle of animals should help you understand what Lucky Pug is all about.

This slot, which is Asian-themed, features a cute pug displaying his wrinkled head to celebrate the Year of the Dog. To get the festivities started, the playful pug is armed with lanterns and firecrackers. You’ll want to grab the fortune coins when you spin the 15 independent reels in this amazing High 5 Games slot. Man’s best friend will make your tail wag as a wild symbol. A mountain of gold coins will show you the riches available during free games. Read our Lucky Pug slot review to find out more.

Celebrate the Year of the Dog

High 5 Games brought this Chinese New Year celebration to us. They are an independent casino games provider that has previously entertained us with titles such as Cabaret Nights or Jaguar Princess.

Lucky Pug slots were released to celebrate the Year of the Dog’s arrival in February 2018. The location is decorated with silhouettes of flowers, and the luxury game matrix, which features 15 independent reel positions, has been trimmed in gold. It exudes Asian charm. Our expert reviewers predicted that the background was dominated by red, which is a Chinese luck symbol.

Lucky Pug’s review team loved the way each reel turns to reveal one of 11 symbols. The least valuable symbols are Ace, King, Queen, and five. This is not a new feature for those who have previously played High 5 Games slot machines. You’ll find theme-related symbols such as gold ingots, firecrackers, lanterns, or fortune coins. Three unique characters are also available, but we’ll get to those later.

The upbeat tune that accompanies the reel spinning is created using a variety of oriental instruments. The pug’s playful barks can be heard, which was appreciated by our reviewers.

Our expert reviewers conducted this review of Lucky Pug slower on both mobile and desktop. We are pleased to report that the mobile version of Lucky Pug slot is as smooth on smartphones and tablets as on the PC. This is not surprising, considering High 5 Games was the team behind this release.

Are you ready to ring in the Chinese New Year?

Lucky Pug’s slot machine has 15 reel positions, so it should be obvious how many ways each spin can take you. It’s 15. It’s yet another High 5 Games release using the company’s innovative Clusterbucks assessment. You’ll celebrate when groups of five or more matching symbols are horizontally or vertically adjacent.

Knowing that these reels require more than just a few dog treats is essential. High 5 Games offers a variety of betting options that will suit all levels of bankrolls. Lucky Pug slots can be played online starting at 0.60 credits. The maximum bet is 450 credits.

The generous return-to-player (RTP) of 96.5% is another positive. This is remarkable, even considering High 5 Games’ high standards. Most of their titles offer 95-96% payout percentages. Our experts assessed Lucky Pug’s slots game as a medium volatility release.

What are the Features Lucky Pugs Can Lead You too?

Your new best friend is on the seventh, eighth, and ninth independent reels. Although he cannot multiply wins, he can help to create more than one winning combination. As the game’s wild symbol, he can only substitute for standard characters.