One day I went to the hotel with my wife to celebrate our anniversary. I love to try different foods and fruits, so there I ordered some yummy and less calorie items. I saw a different type of fruit salads there and it was very tasty, after spending a lot of time there when we got back to home the hotel manager offered me some chances to play with their casino which was opened recently. So I and my wife went to the casino and I tried my luck there.

I lost first some chances in the beginning then when I understood about the game, then I started playing with my lady luck and I won many chances but my all free chance had finished. After that I ordered some alcohol and drink and decided to go home. After coming back I wanted to play more so I opened my laptop and searched the pokie machine which I played and I got many search results on the net and my wife was baking cake, pudding and muffins. I opened first link which was on the google, it was online casino gaming website with lots of offers and deals. So I made my registration on that and I got some free spins to play I really enjoyed that machine very much.

Basically it was a classic style 3 reels and 1 payline pokie machine designed by the microgaming. And along with this it offers the top prizes and bonuses when someone will hit the symbols continuous three times. After release this it become very popular among the Australians with the standard set of symbols which were 2 different colors seven, animated bells and bars etc. it does not offer any scatter symbols and multipliers. So I hope when you will play it you will enjoy it with real money.