My eyes glaze over when I hear “Slot Machines” as I remember Las Vegas casinos’ elegant, trendy themes. It’s like entering another world, with all the choices available to you.

First – some history.[1] Charles Fey, San Francisco, CA, is the one who invented the slot machine. Although his initial vision of the machine was made in 1895, he did not produce his prototype until 1897. The machine has three reels. It displayed five symbols: horseshoes (diamonds), spades, hearts, spades, and a Liberty Bell. The payout was determined based on which characters were shown in a row. It was a hugely popular machine and was copied by many manufacturers. There were many creative names given to this new form of entertainment. It was called a “slot machine” in America, a fruit machine in Britain, and “the slots” or “pokies” in English Australia, New Zealand, and English Canada. Since the original machines were operated by pulling levers on the sides of the machine, the “One-Armed Bandit,” a common phrase, was used. This relieved the poor get-rich-quick player often of all his hard-earned money.

Many cigar shops, saloons, and brothels had them installed by 1908.

Now, fast forward to the 1980s. The slot machine’s inner workings became computer programs. Once these programs were enriched with all the bells and whistles, the modern machine was born. The original engines had 10,000 winning and losing combinations. This number has increased to 16 million.

When it stopped using moving parts (reels), the video slot machine revolutionized the industry. The video slot machine was, in essence, a computer game. The possibilities were limitless when it came to how the game was presented. There was no limit to the interaction between player, machine, and bonus spin-off games.

The entrepreneurs who set up the machines and those who made them quickly realized the importance of the “near miss.” They programmed the machines to highlight near misses to indicate the big win. Discovery Magazine’s Luke Clark discusses the appeal of the “near miss.”[2]

Luke Clark, a researcher, stated that gambling has “essentially hijacked” the natural reward system ….. He also said that people who gamble are not the only ones who need to be concerned about their brains being tricked. Notably, the study’s participants were not a problem or regular gamblers. These findings suggest that their brains may respond naturally to near misses in such away.

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Are you familiar with online slot machines? While many people are well-versed in this form of gambling, they don’t get to play. They instead travel to the casino day after day in the hope of winning big. This is fine, but online slots offer many benefits. Give these games a shot before you eliminate them from your life.

You can play online slots at any time you like. This is correct although of whether you are playing during your lunch break or in the morning. You should be excited about the convenience of internet machines. You don’t even have to leave your home. You will soon be playing if you have an internet connection.

But how can I win real money? Of course, you can. If you’re an experienced player, you can win a lot of money playing online slots. Some top online casinos pay better than others. Be careful how you spend your time.

It takes very little time to learn how to play slots online. You will soon be able to play online slots quickly and easily.

Internet gambling has many advantages. Start playing online gambling today if you’re able to.

Bonkers is a popular slot game that you can play in Vegas, Atlantic City or home on your computer. Guess which one is most enjoyable? According to thousands to even thousands of Bonkers players in the comfort of their own homes, it is becoming trendy.

While Vegas and Atlantic City will not go out of business, the convenience and popularity of online casinos are helping them to thrive. It’s not always easy to afford a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, but it’s possible to enjoy still playing slots such as Bonkers and winning money.

Online Bonkers is just like playing in a casino. The payline is displayed on the reels. You can choose to place a bet of $.05, $.25 or $.50. Once you have decided, the lever will turn, and the reels will spin. Three free winning spins are guaranteed if you hit two Bonkers along the payline. You will receive ten free winning spins if you hit three Bonkers. These hits will be displayed on the Free Spins Meter at the paytable. You can only win, so use them all. You can end your free spins if you get three red 7s during your free spins. After all that free spins, you will feel like a crazy person.